Merete Blöndal Bengtsson


  Born in Denmark, now residing in Michigan .U.S.A.

Married to cellist, Professor Erling Blöndal Bengtsson.

2 sons, Henrik (Jeweler), Stefan (Artist, Painter.)

Behind every family stands a woman, wife and mother.

Besides the important part of being a "domestic engineer" , a backer

of her husband`s career and a good cook, - her interests are art,

paintings, sculpture and glass, especially scandinavian artglass from the 50`s.

MBB has created pottery, drawings and watercolors ( 2 CD covers for the label DANACORD.)

Today her passion is photography. She is not a professional, but " an amateur photographer with a gifted eye".

  As a child, her father (Troels Bloch-Jorgensen, dentist and a.o. an amateur photographer  in Silkeborg, Denmark) taught her to enjoy the wonders of nature,

Visually as well as through the lens of the camera and for the last 5-6 years she has revived what her father taught her and has taken 1000s of photos from all over the world, wherever her husband`s concert tours bring them.


Achievements and Awards :

Became A Distinguished member of "The International Society of Photographers", U.S.A. 2000.

Editor’s Choice Award, 1998, for the photo " Silence" - ISP.

Editor’s choice Award, 1998-99, for the photo " The Dream of Spring"

  Awarded a Bronze Commemorative Award Medallion and a Silver Award Bowl for

" Outstanding Achievement in Amateur Photography" by ISP, Washington DC, April 4th 2004 and

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 5th 2006.



"The Poetic and Beautiful Scandinavia", March 2003 at the University of Michigan.

Reformed Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"Voksenåsen Beauty". Aug.-Sept. 2003 in Oslo, Norway.

"Bjerget" Denmark. Nov.- Dec. 2003.

"The Dream of Spring and Summer" at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. U.S.A. Jan. 2004.

"The Year Round" at " Stalden" Jyllinge, Denmark. July and Aug. 2004.

Oct. 2. 2004 at The University of Michigan, School of Music, provided backgrounds to the 6 Bach solo suites for cello. 

"The Abundance of Nature" Holmegaardsparken Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. June 30. - Aug. 1. 2005. (View Photo)



"There are so many problems in the world today,

that’s why I am looking at the beautiful and peaceful side, to soothe our souls,

yours and mine. " - MBB